Monday, March 23, 2009

The Perfect Kiss.

How do you define "the perfect kiss"?

Is the perfect kiss your very first one; when everything was new, scary and exciting at the same time?
Or do you fancy that hot-n-heavy lip lock, passionate tongue action, hands flying all over the place sort of kiss? ;)
Is "the perfect kiss" associated with "the perfect guy"? Or "the perfect time" or "place".
Does it even have to be a romantic kiss? Because a great kiss should be one that envelopes you with warmth and fuzziness :) and that includes smooches from the lovely Grandmama, or even your pet dog!

Everyone's idea of a perfect kiss is different; and personal.
In fact, *my own* idea of a perfect kiss, (or at least, a really great one) will also vary from time to time

But right now, this is mine.

The unexpected forehead kiss

While I enjoy a full-on lip lock as much as the next person,

To me, one of the best kisses are those that are unexpected.

While I'm looking elsewhere, while I'm doing my work, while watching TV or frickin' brushing my teeth over the sink. He comes on over and lightly pecks me on the forehead, strokes my hair gently before going back to whatever he was doing.
I don't say a word either, I'm still working or brushing my teeth. As if I didn't notice it.

But I do. :)

And I silently smile like a crazy person on the inside; but on the outside I just glow with warm fuzzy happiness.


:) that's my story.

I wonder what's yours?

If you find it hard to explain your idea of a perfect kiss with words, try a picture instead ;)
Besides, isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

Rimmel London is searching for the perfect kiss :) you could win up to RM599 worth of prizes just for puckering up!

All you have to do is submit a photo depicting your “picture perfect kiss" in your own creativity (along with proof of purchase of any Rimmel product) to


1st Prize: Cash RM300 + Rimmel London Shopping Voucher RM200 + Pixart Coffee Table Photo Book (simulated leather cover) worth RM99

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Contest deadline: 15th April 2009 (Announcement of 5 shortlisted finalists will be posted on Rimmel London (MY)’s beauty blog)
Online Polling: 15th April - 25th April 2009 (Winners will be chosen by polling results from readers)
Result Announcement: 28th April 2009

Go on, go grab your Boyfie/mom/dad/grannies/best friend/doggie (and your camera of course!)
Pucker up and just have a blast finding your definition of a "perfect kiss" :)


Anonymous said...

:) love you baby. x rhys

diane said...

Awwwww that's so sweettt :p i totally agree with u on those surprise unexpected kisses. my bf doesnt do it very often tho...i will secretly plan for him to read this post and be "educated"! Hahahahaa!

(and looks like now your bf knows! guess he'll be forehead-kissing you more often now! ;PP)

Cynthia said...

rhys: <3

diane: hahaha yes, quickly go trick your bf into reading this post ;p